Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and streamline your transportation or logistics management business. Whether you’re a same day, local, regional or national transportation provider, our innovative supply chain management solution takes your deliveries to the next level with efficient fleet management, courier dispatch, delivery automation, and real-time visibility throughout the delivery process. Capture proof of signature, bill of lading, and photo verification of cargo condition.

Best of all, nuDeliverIt requires no new hardware or software! nuDeliverIt runs on your existing mobile smartphones and uses a cloud computing platform that only requires an Internet connection to integrate with your current computers. Download nuDeliverIt from the Google Play store or iOS App Store today!

Key Features

Our mobile-enabled fleet management logistics software delivers advanced and intuitive functionality.

Advanced Route Optimization

Intuitive dispatch that reduces fuel costs and builds optimal routes for drivers availability, vehicle capacity and service area

100% Visibility

Up-to-the-minute status updates, GPS track and trace and last mile management across your fleet and your contract carrier partners

Paperless Document Management

Fully customizable customer forms, email documents, and electronic signature capture – all instantly accessible

Capture Surveys

Get useful and immediate customer feedback on service quality and satisfaction


Capture and attach photos relevant to delivery and destination

Work Offline

Store and forward documents for drivers to access online or offline

Delivery Made Easy

  • Track Packages
  • Monitor Work Force
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction

Manage and track routes, deliveries from source to customer with ease.

Use Cases

Delivery Tracking

Save time and reduce inquiry phone calls and emails with real-time delivery tracking of your shipments. You’ll always know exactly where your shipments are, and you can quickly plan for the future with immediate assignment confirmation from your service personnel via their mobile devices. Learn More...

Proof of Delivery

Our electronic Proof of Delivery (PoD) solution captures the exact GPS location and time of signature, along with document ID and other identifying information about the signer. This information is then transmitted to the portal as it occurs. Learn more...

GPS Fleet Tracking

Monitor your workforce via up-to-the-minute GPS fleet tracking on your smartphone or tablet. The app provides constant and accurate locations, heading and speed information for flawless driver tracking. Learn more...

Field Service Management

Elevate your field service business with the ability to manage job and track job/work order status, all in real time from a single portal. Learn more...


Event Based Monitoring

The powerful events engine within our portal provides real-time visibility and enables configurable workflow notifications from shipment pickup to delivery.

Smartphone Integration

The system integrates with your drivers’ mobile devices (Android/iOS) and resides there as an easy-to-use app.

Rapid Deployment

nuDeliverIt is offered on a SaaS model to enable fast, stable deployment into your existing environment.

Award-Winning Innovation

by nuVizz

CIO Review Award
Food Logistics Award
TAG Top 10 Award