Dispatch Management Software

Courier companies need a program to track customers that request a delivery, details about the package, and who will be delivering the package to the customer. The central person responsible for a smooth transaction is the operations manager or dispatcher. In the ‘old days’, this was done on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Now, our dispatch software makes this efficient and effortless.

Courier Dispatch Software

You can now migrate out of the white boards and spreadsheets to a more organized format. nuDeliverIt courier dispatch software. provides the means for you to:

  • Upload deliveries for the day
  • Courier Route scheduling
  • Assign drivers to routes
  • Dispatch your routes
  • Track deliveries to your customers
  • Report on delivered items
  • Capture electronic proof of deliveries

Online Courier Dispatch Software

Extend the life of your existing tools to manage your business. Easily integrate your existing software tools to nuDeliverIt. You will be able to use your existing systems for a few more years, while acquiring the advantage of new efficient courier dispatch technology.

The online courier software provides you with a dashboard of your operations and helps manage drivers, packages, routes and assignments. The mobile platform provides the flexibility to easily scale delivery operations. The courier delivery app on smart phones provides an easy way to install and operate even for the novice.

Courier Dispatch Software Features:

Real-time GPS Tracking

nuDeliverIt courier dispatch software allows you to track your drivers to their stops and see the deliveries completed in real time.

Electronic Signature Proof Of Delivery (ePoD)

nuDeliverIt courier dispatch software allows you to capture signatures for proof of delivery on mobile devices and transmit them electronically. Authentic signature with date and time of capture, geo location of capture, name of receiver and optional identification is captured.

See more of what electronic proof of delivery can do for you.

Scan Deliveries On Mobile

Scan your products for delivery. The mobile delivery app reads most barcodes and provides a scan confirmation without the need for expensive scanning devices and handhelds.

Track Deliveries

Your customers need to know where their deliveries are and when they can get them. nuDeliverIt courier dispatch software accurately tracks your deliveries and provides email feedback on deliveries as soon as they happen!

Operation Manager Dashboard

Operation Manager dashboard is a key component of the courier management system. This provides real time feedback on the field services/the routes they have completed,  and gives the courier operational manager unprecedented control.

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