Delivery Tracking & Management Software

To remain competitive, your business needs delivery tracking software that offers innovative shipment tracking, dispatch management, and delivery automation.

Additionally, it has to quickly deploy on any mobile or desktop platform, integrate with your current systems and help you reduce your cost of doing business and improve efficiencies. nuDeliverIt is the answer. It is an easy-to-use delivery tracking app that provides an ideal mobile delivery and tracking solution.

  • Real-time assignment and load visibility to carriers/drivers
  • Real-time track and trace information for each stop
  • Delivery process automation
  • Execution of delivery from driver to dispatch to completion/confirmation can be done on the mobile device
  • Access electronic Proof of Delivery and Bill of Lading instantly.

Delivery Tracking and Visibility

With real-time visibility on all of your shipments, you can greatly reduce the number of phone calls and changes to your planning.

Get immediate feedback on the acceptance of a work assignment by the trucker or service personnel on their mobile device for peace of mind.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (PoD) – ePOD

Capture and transmit Proof of Delivery on tablets and smartphone devices, and get real-time information back to your customers.

PoD capture comes with exact time and location of signature (via GPS coordinates). You can also capture Signer ID and other identifying information to authenticate PoD.

Delivery automation software


Paperless Document Management

  • Create a paperless environment by pushing any document (Bill of Lading, Delivery Receipt, Instruction Manual etc.) to mobile device.
  • Attach documents to your delivery, work order, service order etc.
  • Field Personnel can view and take customer signature on the documents on their mobile device.
  • Send the completed documents in real-time to any recipient and reduce the overall cycle time.

Custom Form Management

  • Create custom forms in simple HTML (text fields, drop downs etc.)
  • Attach different custom forms to any field work (work order, service order, delivery etc.) based on the work type.
  • Collect form data on the mobile device as part of work execution and get real-time visibility to field data.
Delivery automation software

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