GPS Fleet Tracking and Driver Tracking Management Software

NuDeliverIt features Mobile Workforce Tracking which combines GPS fleet tracking with field service management. nuDeliverIt utilizes the existing GPS technology in mobile phones. Combined with app software and mobile GPS, nuDeliverIt easily gives you visibility on your fleet, drivers and your field service personnel.

Track and manage your fleet and personnel in real time. Secure documents electronically, dispatch drivers, manage field service workers, and process information from a real-time, central system.


Turnkey GPS Fleet and Driver Tracking Technology

Unlike other GPS fleet trackers that require legacy GPS equipment, nuDeliverIt uses existing technology on mobile phones. With the advancement of GPS in smartphones, nuDeliverIt combines it with app technology to transform the smartphone into a powerful GPS fleet tracker, driver tracker, and complete logistics visibility platform.

No new equipment is needed! Simply use existing smartphones and install the nuDeliverIt app and your fleet is ready to go!

The app monitors the accurate GPS location, heading, speed at all times. The app does not have to be active or opened in order to do the tracking.


The solution caters to numerous industries and field service professions. The solution can be customized to offer specific GPS tracking features for various industries including:

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