Paperless, Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) Software

Capture Proof of Delivery on tablets and smartphone devices and get real time information back to your customers.
electronic proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery

Our electronic Proof of Delivery software captures the exact GPS location of signature, time of signature, document ID and other identifying information about the signer. The signature verification is captured and transmitted to the portal in real-time.

What is Proof of Delivery?

Proof of Delivery is an instrument for confirmation of customers’ deliveries/services. This typically takes the form of the signature of the person acknowledging the deliveries. In most cases, the shipper requests (and optionally pays an additional fee for obtaining) Proof of Delivery. Some systems rely on the PoD to invoice the customer for the delivery.

Typical PoD is obtained on a printed sheet of paper and scanned into a system for viewing or retrieval. The PoD documentation consists only of the receiver’s signature.

How Does It Work?

Our mobile Proof of Delivery app allows delivery personnel to mark deliveries, exceptions and pickup. PoD is tracked against the actual process performed at the time of delivery. The PoD on the smart phone/tablet is captured against a watermark that bears authentication on the location and time.

PoD is transmitted in real time from the field. In the event a data connection is not available, the unit stores this information and transmits when a data connection is available.

What Is Unique About It?

Our signature capture is authentic and we report:

  • The date/ time of the signature
  • Geo location (GPS coordinates) when it was signed
  • Name of the signee
  • Optional ID verification of the receiver

Our Electronic Proof of Delivery solution meets and exceeds most standards for electronic capture of signatures. The Proof of Delivery app that works on mobile devices transmits to a secure server.

  • Secure and real-time PoD and delivery status available on portal
  • Forward PoD to as many emails or systems as requested
  • View Proof of Delivery on-demand via the app

Delivery Software

nuDeliverIt by nuVizz is a must have solution for fleet owners, trucking carriers, LTL carriers, TL carriers, freight forwarders, couriers, freight brokers, freight owners and anyone in the trucking, transportation and freight industry. Backed by more than a decade of expertise in the supply chain industry, nuVizz has created an industry leading solution that makes the delivery network an effortless process.

We offer a well-rounded solution that meets your business needs. We also offer custom solutions that we craft with you in mind. So if you see what you like or cannot find specifically for what you are looking for, please reach out and we will be more than willing to discuss it with you.

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