The key to people transportation is the personal satisfaction of the passenger. WellRyde empowers you to quickly and easily assign work, track in real time, and get instant proof of pickup and drop-off for a superior personal transportation solution. All the while, you can virtually eliminate lost runs and lost revenue with efficient management and electronic documentation across all of your trips!

This is ideal for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers, concierge and taxi services.


Simplify people moves in real-time

Efficient Dispatch Portal

Manage trip changes and events dynamically within our powerful scheduling portal

Reduce Paperwork

Reduce physical paperwork by replacing trip sheets, Driver logs and billing documents

Driver Tracking

Track and trace drivers and trips in real time for absolute visibility and prompt trip execution

Real-Time Visibility

Use the feature-rich Map View to manage fleet movement, answer Passenger queries and ensure Passenger satisfaction

Free Upgrades

Enjoy free upgrades from nuVizz enabling your WellRyde™ solution with the latest features

Easy To Use

Drivers and passengers can download the WellRyde™ app for free on their own device from the Google Play store or iOS App Store

Real-time Visibility

  • Pick up and drop-off status
  • Proof of service
  • Get real-time customer feedback
  • Dynamic assignment of trips with real-time visibility

Use Cases


Effective and real-time management of trips helps to ensure that patients arrive to and from locations safely. Locate your drivers easily and instantly on the geo-tracking map. Your customers also have complete visibility of every step of the trip via the app, and they can provide queries and feedback through in-app instant messaging.

Taxi, Limo, Cabs

Your taxi, limo or livery cab operators and dispatchers can manage and assign trips in real time via online portal. With our dynamic route optimization engine, you can eliminate the cumbersome process of building routes manually while ensuring that the closest driver gets assigned to trip requests for maximum efficiency.

Charter & Tour Buses

Provide door-to-door excellence to tour bus and charter bus clients. Centralize dispatch management and track your drivers by GPS in real-time. Easily pre-plan destinations and dynamically optimize bus routes on-the-fly, through traffic, accidents or the best routes for your clients.


Rapid Deployment

WellRyde is offered on a SaaS model to enable fast, stable deployment into your existing environment.

Smartphone Integration

The system integrates with your drivers’ mobile devices (Android/iOS) and resides there as an easy-to-use app.

Event Based Monitoring

The powerful events engine within our portal keeps all stakeholders informed with helpful notifications.

Award-Winning Innovation

by nuVizz

CIO Review Award
Food Logistics Award
TAG Top 10 Award