VEHICLE TRANSPORT MEETS INNOVATION through our mobile solution

Effective vehicle transport is about more than getting cargo to a location on time. Tracking the condition of a vehicle or set of vehicles every step of the way is paramount. You need complete visibility in order to reduce liability claims and to assure your customers. Additionally, you’ve got to make sure your drivers get the right vehicle every single time. That means logging VIN numbers in a secure, instantly accessible fashion.

Most importantly, your business needs to be able to handle these demands in a cost-effective and efficient manner without buying expensive, proprietary solutions that are difficult to support and maintain.

nuVizz has the answer: vehmo

It’s an easy-to-use solution mobile app solution for both the Android and iOS devices your drivers use and your desktop computers where you execute dispatch planning.
Customizable Condition Capture – Easily capture in-app vehicle condition photos to document any dents, dings or scratches and share the photos instantly.
In-app VIN Scan – Make sure your drivers move the right vehicle every time, from pickup to delivery.
Cost and Time Savings – vehmo automates day-to-day functionality like driver assignments, route planning and more. Reduce dispatch headaches and provide real-time visibility to you and your customers every step of the way.